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Launched in 2009, ICON was first conceived as the brainchild of our Prime Minister, YB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. ICON, under the National Broadband Initiative (NBI) was created to drive demand of broadband through increasing development of compelling local content via these programmes:
• ICONapps for mobile application development platform,
• ICONedu for the development of digital training/educational content,
• ICONity for content development for social/community platforms and
• ICONeX digital content hosting and exchange facility

How did ICON help Malaysians?
By end of 2010,

ICONedu – Encouragement of Online Educational Content
31 grants were approved and 87 jobs.

ICONity – Development of Social and Community Content Eco-System
93 jobs were created and 31 grants were approved.

ICONapps – Skills Development for Social Networking Applications
This programme resulted in 1105 participants trained in basic iPhone/Facebook development, 221 citizens trained in advanced Android and iPhone development, 11 iPhone apps on sale and 85 prototype Android apps.

ICOnex – Digital Content Hosting and Exchange Facility
5 customer servers were successfully deployed diverting over 100 Mbps of Internet traffic to local servers and a further 58 potentials in the pipeline. It also achieved lower broadband pricing with RM49 per Mbps per month.

Difference between ICON and ICON2

Under ICON, the submission of an idea required a creative and business proposal. However with ICON2, no business proposal is needed. Instead, if the app is technically and creatively viable, they will be supported to be matched with a VC. Nevertheless, ICON2 still requires a live presentation of the applicant’s ideas.
ICON2 offers 3 programmes, which are ICONapps, ICONdap and ICONeX. ICONapps continues to be a training oriented program and is primarily catered for aspiring developers and a particular new app has to record at least one sale on the app store. ICONapps this time however is aimed at multi-skilled teams of developers in order to build top class apps.

How does ICON2 links to the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)?
The Communication Content and Industry (CCI) is one of the 12 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) sector under the ETP. This sector encompasses industries and professions that facilitate and support growth of the new economy such as broadband internet, telecommunications, online content, mobile apps, Internet based services, etc. As a whole they will contribute 73% to the gross national income (GNI) and CCI is aimed at contributing 3.4% by 2020. Global content and services revenue have grown 33% year-on-year from RM67 billion in 2006 to RM157 billion in 2009. This shows that ICON2 will be the key component for all this growth. There are 10 Entry Point Projects under the CCI NKEA and one of this is the EPP1 – Nurturing Malaysia’s Creative Content Industry. The Malaysia Creative Content EPP aims to enhance our capacity and capability to create original, locally built content, while developing a competency to provide content related services to the regional market.

About the Program
How is ICON supposed to help Malaysians? ICON will help Malaysians to generate wealth for themselves. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and tell us what you need to get started via :-

ICONapps (Mobile Apps Development Program)
The programme is open to teams of 2-4 multi skilled Malaysian Citizens, a team which may consist of programmers, graphic designers, animators, sound engineers, etc. This programme also offers funding assistance by providing reimbursement for training in iOS or Android Development, for any purchase of development platform and devices, purchase or license of 3rd party Software Development Kit (SDKs) and also reimbursements for any first year developer registration fee. Previous ICONapps participants are welcome to participate but will not be provided any reimbursements for any items that were claimed under the previous programme.

Among the new enhancements introduced in the ICONapps programme, the most significant one is the pitching session. A pitching session will be conducted for potential teams of developers to pitch their proposals and get selected to participate in the advanced training. Post-training coaching sessions are also conducted with the intention to help the developers to develop a commercial-quality applet, in addition to the advanced training.

Another enhancement is the Milestones Based Reimbursement. Through this process, participants will be reimbursed based on the pre-determined milestones achieved which extend from the start of the program until the applets are uploaded online for sale.

ICONex (Developer Assistance Programme)
ICONex is here to help your online facility or content or business to flourish while minimising on these problems. The idea is to provide low cost local (domestic routes) high bandwidth co-location and server hosting in Malaysia; to be a one hop from every significant ISP in Malaysia at globally competitive prices.

ICONex is a service which is targeted at SMI/SMEs and individuals which require high bandwidth for online content, applications and services.

ICONdap (Digital Content Hosting and Exchange Facility)
This programme also services projects to cover the cost for talent, specialised hardware and software which is directly applicable to the proposed project. ICONdap is targeted at larger more ambitious projects and will be more suited to experienced developers who are looking for assistance to help them achieve greater successes.

Unlike past ICON programmes, ICONdap will not require any business aspects for the application process. Submissions will be evaluated purely on technical and creative merit. An additional aspect new in ICONdap is that upon successful project completion, Business/VC/Angel matching will be provided in order to assist the team to commercialize and monetize their creations.

ICON2 Requirements, Eligibility Checklist, Criteria & Specific Condition.
1. The applicant is either:

A company
Incorporated in Malaysia; and
That is not the subject of a winding up order; or

A business:
Registered in Malaysia; and
None of its proprietor and/or partners is an un-discharged bankrupt ; or

An individual who is:
A Malaysian;
At least 18 years old; and
Not an un-discharged bankrupt; and

2. In the case of 1(a) or 1(b), more than 50% of legal and beneficial ownership in the applicant are vested in Malaysian(s); and

3. More than 50% of the employees of the applicant must be Malaysians; and

4. Specific Condition : Condition Precedent: To open and maintain a separate bank account with a financial institution approved by MDeC for the purpose of receiving and disbursing the Grant monies.

More info & Contacts
For further enquiries on application under ICON, general interest or press and media enquiries.

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